Friday, November 2, 2012

Travel: Look for Cheap Currency - TURKEY New Lira

In search of a place to travel that provides affordability, culture and a terrific climate. Look no further then the Republic of Turkey, situated as the gateway between Europe and Asia. Turkey is a democratic, secular nation that currently provides foreign tourists with a very cheap currency.

Why spend a fortune within European Union member countries such as France, Germany that function on the expensive Euroland euro (EUR) currency when one can enjoy a tremendous currency advantage with Turkey's cheap currency, the Turkish New Lira.

In January 2008, the Turkish new lira was trading at 1.175 TRY to 1 US dollar (USD). Today, almost 5 years later the new lira has dramatically declined in value to 1.8026 TRY to 1 USD. As measured by purchasing power parity, the TRY stands at 45 percent undervalued to the USD.

If you like Mediterranean climate, historical culture, beautiful scenery, exotic beach resorts and an inexpensive currency, take a look at Turkey!