Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Update - Purchasing Power Parity on Selective Currencies

As of June 6, 2011, here is an eye opening snapshot on the state of some major industrialized currencies:

As measured by purchasing power parity in relation to the US dollar (USD)

Overvaluation exists for the following:

Swiss franc (CHF) at 81 percent
Norwegian krone (NOK) at 70 percent
Australian dollar (AUD) at 64 percent
Swedish krone (SEK) at 45 percent
Japanese yen (JPY) at 38 percent

Currency undervaluation:

Russian ruble is 42 percent undervalued to the USD
Mexican peso at 33 percent

So, if you are an American tourist, you may want to look at Mexico and Russia as countries to visit as many other countries even including the Eurozone is pricey at today's currency valuations.